The Wing-T Offense has been made famous by University of Delaware Coach Harold “Tubby” Raymond, and is a popular misdirection offense that can be hard . University of DelawareWing-T Playbook I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Alignment & Formations 10 Series 20 Series 30 Series 40 Series 50 Ser. Related titles. Pistol Wing T for Youth Football. Spread Wing t. delaware wing t by coach thurman. wing-t and the 3-step 5-step passing game and sally. Wing T.

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This is almost exclusively a passing formation used to spread the field, often to open up short inside routes or screen routes. The formation was originally designed as a brute-force running formation, winb it had 7 players to one side of the center and only 2 on the other.

The Wing T is a precise orchestration. The fourth back is most commonly employed as an extra wide receiver. Probably a better play run with “end over. The seventh defensive back is often an extra safety, and this defense is used in extreme passing situations such as to defend against a Hail Mary pass.

Entertainment and Football Definition”. This formation is intended for one purpose: Also called the “split backs” or “three-end formation”, this is similar delzware the I-formation and has the same variations. The formation has seen limited usage in recent years, mainly as a trick play that attempts to confuse the defense and get the ball to a receiver on the outside before the defenders can properly line up.

De,aware defense was the philosophical equivalent of the “Notre Dame Box” offense devised by Knute Rockne in the s, in that it used an unbalanced field and complex pre-snap motion to confuse the opposing offense.


If yes, then the motion will really mess with the defense.

Wing-T Playbook

Well now I dont have to lend out my hard copy haha Thanks. In Neale’s defense, as in Shurmur’s variation, the nose tackle could also drop into win coverage, plqybook Shurmur’s use of the Eagle defense name. The formation can also be combined with other formations that feature a single running back and a quarterback in the backfield.

The other players that are not on the line of scrimmage can either act as tight ends or wide receivers.

They can not stop the play. He may be used as an extra blocker or a receiver.

The quarterback lines up about five yards behind the center, in order to allow a better view of the defense and more time to get a pass off. Two Linebackers are 3 yards off the ball behind the Wijg. Another variation of the single wing was the A formation. The running the path of the HB on the Speed Sweep.

It was functionally replaced by the more versatile Joe Gibbstwice head coach of the Washington Redskinsdevised an ace variation that used a setback, or “flexed” tight end known as an H-back. The other 3 backs lined up on the same side of the QB in various arrangements.

The Paul Brown Storypg.

Delaware Wing T, The Order Of Footbal, By Tubby RaymondPDF

Drive the man straight down the LOS. The quarterback can line up either under center or in the shotgun. Sign up to receive blog posts and tips on how to install and run the Wing-T for your youth football team. The route is a basic Smash route. Thanks Coach Lew for this great list, and thanks for helping all of us improve our game over the years. In obvious onside kick formations, more players are moved to the front of the formation, usually top wide receivers and other players who are good at recovering and catching loose balls; this formation is known as the “hands team”.


While talking to Coach Klausing about edlaware topic he told me along with the Georgia high school coaches getting credit you have to also wign credit to Herschel Moore from Cumberland University in Delawaree.

List of formations in American football – Wikipedia

The fullback would take two steps up and then run full speed behind the quarterback. The wide receiver can capitalize on interception opportunities in the expected high-risk offensive play. Also called the “umbrella” defense or “3-deep”. The A offense combines the Emory and Henry with the wildcatin that either of wijg two backs in the backfield can receive the snap and act as quarterback.

It has been used most often by paybook Florida and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrierwho coined the commonly used name for the formation when he mentioned that he’d once seen Emory and Henry College run it. The wildcat gives the runner a good look at the defense before the snap, pplaybook him to choose the best running lane.

The original was invented by Steve Owen in as a counter to the powerful passing attack of Paul Brown’s Cleveland Browns. Now I wish I had waited until next week like I originally planned.