“One Holy Night”. Hispanic American: Sandra Cisneros The story was definitely not a happy one, and the way it was written at the end made it seem a little bit. Sandra Cisneros Character Analysis Ixchel” (“One Holy Night”) and “Ixchel,” the narrator of “One Holy Night,” who is in some ways herself a child, in others. 17 Sep One Holy Night by Sandra Cisneros Summary Power of Language Point of View Parallel’s between characters. Other Characters Love Allegory.

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Finally a letter arrives from a convent in Tampico, and Abuelita sends an inquiry. There was a man, cisndros crazy who lived upstairs from us when we lived on South Loomis. I always find writing to seem more entertaining and believable when the material is taken from real life events.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Later, Ixchel and Abuelita discover that Boy Baby had been lying all the time about his life; he is a murderer who victimizes cisnerod girls.

About the Author – “One Holy Night” by Sandra Cisneros | ENG The Short Story

See more popular or the latest prezis. In turn, Cisneros illustrates that love is not a rational feeling, but rather an illogical and impulsive emotion. Retrieved November 8, Unable to talk, he used to keep a harmonica in his mouth at all times. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Boy Baby, she says, is the descendant of Mayan kings. The story was definitely not a happy one, and the way it was written at the end made it seem a little bit disjointed or cryptic, especially when the indirect comparisons were more sketchy than normal.

Cisberos like having in-class notes for every discussion! Even upon finding out that Boy Baby is a serial killer who preys on young women like herself, Ixchel remains in love with him.

Do you think Ixchel was happy to have a baby? Hey Carlson, are we reading this summer?

University of New Mexico Press, Then something inside seems to bite her, and she whimpers softly, crying for another version of herself that seems to leap out of her body and run away forever. Nevertheless, I found the experience nighg, and I think the student did too. Simply put, the feelings humans experience for one another are often out of step with what makes sense, and longing frequently overtakes a person despite her better judgment. When Abuelita discovers her granddaughter is pregnant, she weeps and blames Uncle Lalowho blames the United States.


As such, Cisneros demonstrates how that which is forbidden so often feels unavoidable. Rather than accepting the notion that Ixchel made a conscious decision to indulge her own sexual desires, she blames the nearest man in her life, as if only men can influence women when it comes to sex.

Meanwhile, she removes Ixchel from school when her uniform stretches tightly over her stomach. Ixchel confesses that she has never told anybody this story except her two friends Rachel and Lourdes. When the family next hears about him, it is in a newspaper article displaying a picture of him held by two police officers. It also signifies Ixchel’s childlike, unthinking njght. When the letter from the convent does arrive, it brings the truth: Consequently, she arranges to send Ixchel to live with her cousins in Mexico, where she was originally conceived.

My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy holyy the themes as a class. The story is only nine pages long, and it focuses more on mood and feeling than on specific details. Boy Baby arrives and buys a mango on a stick—every Saturday thereafter, he comes to buy fruit from the cart, telling Ixchel each time to keep the change.

The appeal of mystery and the unknown is also conveyed by Boy Baby. I also enjoyed how she gave the main character qualities she herself possessed, such as how she was always quick to fall in love. The whole story is a flashback, and it ends at the present time when Ixchel is about to leave for a new life in Mexico. The narrator met Chaq while selling cucumbers and other produce from a pushcart in front of a food store in the United States.

The power of truth and lying is a theme conveyed swndra Boy Baby 3. I, Ixchel, his queen. And what about other violent acts like murder?

I wondered whether a rape victim might consider it necessary to nibht the horror and the violence she went through. Ixchel touches him, but the look he gives her is cold and faraway. Why do you think Ixchel became so attached to Boy Baby? This acceptance of two “truths” at once lne to saandra related to her acceptance of her lover’s unconventional approach to time, according to which past and future and present are all in some way the same thing.

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Important Quote and Explanation from. In nigjt way, Cisneros spotlights the internal process of coming of age, which sometimes expresses itself in abstract ways, proving that young people are capable of feeling intense and advanced emotions even if they experience them inarticulately, as Ixchel does in this moment with the surreal image of a version of herself leaving her own kne.

Love Identity Truth First person Every individual has their own personal bias What was Ixchel’s goal in telling the story this way? We talked sanera the choice Cisneros made to avoid detail and use poetic language to describe the rape: Regarding this moment on the newspaper bed with Boy BabyIxchel writes: Chaqor Boy Baby, is a thirty-seven year old man who lures young girls in and lies about himself, takes advantage of them, and kills them.

The reader has to really work to deduce what is happening. Hearing this, Abuelita goes to the garage to find Boy Babybut discovers he has moved away, leaving the pushcart behind as a way of paying his outstanding rent. All the same, she waits for him every Saturday in a pretty blue dress.

Sandra Cisneros grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

The House on Mango Street & Woman Hollering Creek & Other Stories

Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. The constant moving forced her to take up writing as a way to deal with any struggles. She sent me the following Remind message before the school year ended:. Ixchel learns this the hard way and pays the consequences for being blind to the truth.