15 Dec According to SAE-ARP issue , Revisal , storage life is the maximum period of time, starting from the time of manufacture. 1 Jan Buy SAE ARP STORAGE OF ELASTOMER SEALS AND SEAL ASSEMBLIES WHICH INCLUDE AN ELASTOMER ELEMENT. Find the most up-to-date version of SAE ARP at Engineering

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Have any questions or comments on the shelf life of elastomeric compounds? This released aerospace elastomers from age control.

Share your thoughts dae the comments below or connect with us on Twitter AppleRubber. The authors concluded that age control had been very conservative and could be extended with proper storage. ARP in no way establishes a shelf life for storage of assembled components or operating lifespan.

Aged Junk or Jewels. From this document, shelf lives of elastomers procured by government agencies were limited to 12 quarters from the cure date of the seal.


How do you properly calculate elastomer age? The standard includes shelf-life recommendations, need for traceability and proper storage of elastomeric seals.

However, the study left reference to Arp53316 What are best practices for storing elastomeric seals? Apple Rubber receives a number of requests to determine the shelf life of a given rubber part.

How to Calculate Shelf Life of Elastomers | Hot Topics

However, the standard can also be used as a guideline and recommended practice for the shelf life of rubber seals, gaskets and many industrial and commercial grade elastomers. Ozone — storage rooms shall not contain any equipment that is capable of generating ozone. This guideline also recommends individual packaging, but in our 40 years of being in business, bulk packaging shows no difference over time.

Apple Rubber is looking at ISO for estimation of life-time use based on compression set, and we will be posting data once our study is completed.

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March 20th, by John Tranquilli. Unless compliance regulated, shelf life of all rubber parts should be considered unlimited. Apple Rubber utilizes a calendar quarter for the cure date — meaning the last date of the quarter is considered the manufacturing date. This resulted in confusion and costly increases to seal procurement.

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions are not so simple. The storage period prior to installation of elastomeric seals and seal assemblies into hardware components.

The study concluded that the overall properties of elastomeric materials improved over a given time, which made age control less arp531.