The Kolob Theorem has ratings and reviews. Melissa said: If I could give this book more stars, I would. This theory makes the whole Plan of Salva. 22 Nov [Update 2/13/ I have significantly rewritten my critique of The Kolob Theorem. My first review of the book was perhaps a little too harsh and. 19 Aug “Since considering The Kolob Theorem my mind has not rested. . The Kolob Theorem allows us to see more clearly the home we lived in.

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That is, for me, a very problematic result to his theory. Joesph Smith described the scene as showing thsorem attempted human sacrifice of Abraham by the idolatrous priest of Elkenah.

These places theotem more real; they are made of matter, some of very fine and pure matter, and exist in time and space. It strikes me as the equivalent of winning the celestial lottery only much less likelyand seems like an awfully self centered view of the universe. For comments I don’t allow links to anti-Mormon sites.

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“The Kolob Theorem” – LDS Freedom Forum

Thus natural theology is not confined to any one religion or church. If our God did have a God of his own at one time as the Mormons claim, then it contradicts what God says to us in Isaiah But, in fact, the two statements are totally unconnected.

I ghe stumbled across this post, and while my knowledge is much more limited than most who seem to frequent, I found this beautiful: A reconstruction of a T-O map.

He examines several basic ideas which grow out of hypothesis. From my experience, I recommend that we wait, and let our scientific understanding grow before we try to make direct connections. Even empirical data is only as reliable as the interpretation tthe. Do you think it is inhabited?


In the Last Days: You Are the Universe Deepak Chopra. Lynn has lived twelve years in Arab countries and speaks Arabic. What about over-lapping or colliding galaxies? Visions of Glory John Pontius. I would be better off reading books from the prophet and general authorities.

I think that he has a very good hypothesis of how he thinks the galaxy is set up. View all 3 comments. Two years later he met and married Nancy.

The Kolob Theorem: A Mormon’s View of God’s Starry Universe

All places and living entities which God has created are composed of three eternal elements:. I suddenly remembered my granddad’s high regard for it. Oct 24, Kendall L.

These rays are filtered through veils of interstellar dust, which block our mortal view of the celestial kingdom.

I’m sure that there are many out there who would testify that while watching that scene the Spirit witnessed to them of the truthfulness of what happened. The earth will return by being pulled away from the sun, passing again through the terrestrial ring the Millennial periodand finally regaining its original glorious orbit about Kolob in the celestial kingdom.

I anticipated this book greatly and read it with theore, but was somewhat disappointed. Also note that he “translated the Book of Moses” by reading Genesis in the Bible in English and then “translating” it. Bob, I just wanted to point out one thing.

I have read some of the books by early members of the Church who were acquainted with Joseph Smith and wrote their own opinions of the possibilities of the eternities along the lines of metaphysics as defined by laymen to be speculation beyond the physical realm of knowledgeand revelation, which I will define as sparks of pure intelligence coming from Spiritual experiences.

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I think God lives in our theorm universe, but in a different dimension, so yes, if we were to enter his dimension, then we’d be in an observable universe. The author makes very clear that the contents of the book belong to him alone, although he does a good job using scriptural and latter-day general authority references to support his views. Elohim is a title which is also given to pagan gods, human judges, Moses, a city, ect. Showing of 70 reviews. Terryl Givens has commented that what appears so disconcerting about Mormon Doctrine is not its zaniness, which is no more zany than the doctrine of other faiths, but the certainty with which Mormons process their beliefs – in particular those that are linked to the afterlife.

Some interesting tjeorem, others not so interesting.

Elohim can mean mighty, greatness, overwhelming power. This would explain how Fathers creations multiply. It is a satisfying read and makes good sense from a broad array of sources. My only purpose was to point out that Dr. I do not have any pride married to these theories but I do enjoy thinking about these things.

Thsorem never was able to figure out how to reconcile the idea of many gods with one universe.

Hilton enters the realm of natural theology which “opens up a whole new can of worms” which may be more troublesome than Dr. Hypothesizes, theory and theorem are what they are: Most people pass over it, to continue reading “the scriptures. Bob Webster websterbob gmail.